Adding a Connected Number

Connected Numbers are the backbone of several new features on our platform and will be an integral part of new products released further down the line. 
With a connected number, you can: 
  • Send 2-way Business SMS with a Team Inbox. Allow customers to communicate via the method that works best for them and give your entire team access to read, manage and respond to messages as the business. 
  • Activate Website Messenger that’s the perfect hybrid of live chat and SMS to help capture more enquiries from your website. 
  • Choose a business number from the city closest to your location for outgoing messages, SMS marketing campaigns, inbound messages and feedback requests. 
To activate your connected number, head to Messages > Connected Number
Choose from the list of available numbers. Remember that once you choose your number, we’re unable to change it. You’ll then need to set up your number based on what you prefer. 

SMS and Email Forwarding

When someone sends a message to your number, you see that message appear in your dashboard under Messages > Inbox. You'll also see the new message icon in the top right of your screen. If you want to be notified as soon as a new message arrives, you can have a copy of the message sent to your mobile phone or email address. (This is optional, as you’ll already have a copy in your account).
You can also reply directly to messages from your phone if you enable Last Reply
When someone sends you a message, the system will ‘listen’ for a reply from the number we have stored for you. If Last Reply is enabled, we’ll take the contents of the message and send it on to the original sender from your Connected Number. Not only does this give you an easy way to reply to quick enquiries without being at a computer but it also hides and keeps your personal number private, showing your business’s connected number instead. 
Remember that this will only reply to the sender of the most recent message you received, so this may not be suitable if you receive a high volume of messages from customers.

Preventing Notifications

When you have email or SMS notifications turned on, we’ll update you about any new messages your number receives. Add your mobile number to the exclusion list to avoid receiving a notification whenever you reply to a customer’s message from your mobile phone.