Scheduling Reports

Once you’ve built a custom report you can set it to automatically run daily, weekly, monthly or every 3 months and email the report to yourself, other people in your team or your clients.

To create a new scheduled report, head to Admin > Scheduled Reports from the main menu and click the Schedule a Report button.

Start by choosing the report you would like to schedule and then enter the email address of the person to receive the report. You can create as many schedules as you need and the email address doesn’t have to be limited to people in your organization.

Under  Locations to Include you can choose to include All Locations, just one Location or a Location Group.

Finally, choose how often you want the report to be run. Choosing Daily or Weekly will give you the option of running the report only on specific days – useful for reports that need to be run at the end of a working week.

Once you click Schedule this Report, the first report will be sent within a few minutes by email.

About time periods

When you schedule a report, the ‘default’ period is typically the date the report was last run to the current date. So a daily report will show the last 24 hours, or a monthly report will show the last calendar month and so on.

When you create or edit a custom report and you’re choosing a report type, you can also customize the Timeframe under “More Options”.

When the timeframe is set to default, the graph or table you choose will show data for the period the report is run.

Sometimes, this isn’t practical. For example, you might want a daily report to show the total new reviews from the last day, but you might also want a graph of reviews by date to show the last 6 months to give some context.

In cases like this, we recommend choosing a set period from the dropdown menu. When your scheduled report is run, the period being reported on for this section will always be fixed to the timeframe that you’ve chosen.