Report Templates

When you create a report, the information you see around the report data such as the logo or the text at the top or bottom of the page is controlled by your report template. With templates, you can create multiple reports without having to add this information every time.

To set up your template, head to Admin >  Report Template from the main menu. To start, we recommend choosing a logo to appear at the top of your reports, but you can choose to have no logo too.

You’ll see a list of logos from your account and your existing locations. You can choose an existing logo or upload a new logo using the red ‘Pick File’ button below the choices.

In the next two boxes, you can add information to appear at the top of your report (report intro) and the bottom of your report (report footer). You can use basic HTML by clicking the <> View HTML button in the text editor's toolbar, or just enter text (and emojis!) as you would in any document.

Email Footer

When you set up a schedule for your report to be emailed regularly, you can include information at the end of the email, similar to an email signature.

Use this section to include the location's contact details (recommended to avoid spam filters). You may also want to include a link back to your agency’s homepage if you’ve created this report for a client.