Text to Review

By using Text to Review, customers can send a code to a number and receive a text message inviting them to leave a review. Their details are automatically stored in the Customers section of the platform.

Text to Review is useful for restaurants, hospitality or retail environments where you might not already have the customer’s contact details. In addition to being a great way to build a list (get permission first!), you can use the Text to Review number on feedback cards or receipts with an incentive for customers to leave you some feedback.    

Key things to know

- Each location has its own unique code. You can find this code by heading to Locations > Location Setup > {{ choose your location }} and clicking on the Text to Review tab.

- You'll find general numbers listed, that can be used in your campaign. If you have a particular state or area that you would like to add, or alternatively if you would like to use your own custom number, please get in touch.

- For the feedback request process to work, you need to ensure the location you choose has a campaign attached to it, and that campaign has an SMS message as the first (and instant) step. To check if a location has a particular campaign attached, head to the Campaigns tab on the Location Setup screen. If you can't see the tab, this location doesn't have an active campaign attached.  

- Campaign messages are only ever sent once to each customer. If you are testing with a cell number that has already received a campaign attached to a location, you won't receive the campaign again.