Bypassing Review Platform Selection

If you receive a lot of feedback, but find very few people are leaving external reviews, you can automatically redirect that user to the platform of your choice to leave their review.

When surveyed, one of the main reasons people gave for not leaving an external review was that they didn’t realize another step was involved. By removing the step where we ask users to choose a review platform, our clients sometimes see an increase in their conversion rates.

** As with all campaign changes, what may work for some campaigns, may not work for others. We encourage you to test this first and compare the difference against your current campaign results.

Step 1 – Choose a default review platform

You can modify the default review platform that a user is sent to by heading to  Campaigns > Feedback Pages > {{Choose your feedback page}} and unticking the ‘Automatically manage platform recommendations’ checkbox.

From here, add the platform that you would like users to be automatically redirected to.

Step 2 – Skip platform selection

On the same page, tick the ‘Skip platform selection’ checkbox. The user will now be taken directly to leave a review, once they’ve answered your initial feedback question.