Responding to reviews

You can respond to reviews left on Google or Facebook from directly within the app.

Responding to reviews on Facebook

To respond to Facebook reviews, you need to have an active connection to the Facebook page for the location for which you want to reply. You also need to be an admin or manager of the page to give the app permissions to respond on your behalf.

1. Ensure you have Facebook set up as an active platform by heading to Locations > Locations Setup > {{Choose your location}} > Platforms and choose Facebook from the Dropdown menu if you haven’t already got it set up.

2. Facebook will ask for permission to let the app (Feedback Connector) communicate on behalf of your location’s Facebook page. If you do not have admin or manager privileges for that page, you’ll see an error.

3. Once you’ve connected, you’ll see the ‘reply to review’ option below all Facebook reviews.

Responding to Reviews on Google

You can respond to Google reviews by connecting your location’s ‘Google My Business’ account.

1. If you haven’t already connected Google my Business, head to Admin > Connect to Google and follow the instructions. If any of your existing locations are recognized, you’ll be asked if you want to import that existing location, otherwise the app will create new locations for you. 

2. Once connected, you’ll see the ‘reply to review’ option below all Google reviews.

For some platforms where we don’t have a direct integration (e.g. Yelp or Tripadvisor), the app will take you to the page on that platform’s site where you can compose a reply.