Emails or text messages not sending

One of the most common questions we get asked is why emails or SMS messages in a campaign haven’t been sent to customers. Follow this quick guide to get to the source of the issue.

Check your campaign

Campaign > Campaigns > {{choose campaign}}

It sounds obvious, but have you checked that your campaign includes the missing email / text message that hasn’t been sent? If the campaign step was added after you added a customer to that campaign, they won’t receive that step.

Check the campaign step

The two most common issues are

i) The campaign step is set to cancel when feedback is received and the customers has already left feedback. Please remember that this refers to feedback on our platform and not an external review.

ii) The message is set to only send during sociable hours, which are 9am – 7pm in the account’s timezone. If it’s after 7pm, that message will be pushed until 9am the next morning.

Check your customer's log

Every customer has a log of activities for that email address or cell number. Find your customer by heading to Campaigns > Customer List and filtering the selection until you find the one you’re looking for. Click on that customer to see their activity log.

The most common issues here tend to be:

i) You added the customer again, after a campaign was already sent. You can only send a campaign to a customer once.

ii) The message is queued, but hasn’t been sent yet due to the settings in the campaign (e.g. wait 6 hours) or the ‘send during sociable hours’ option being turned on and the customer being added late at night.

Check the location has your campaign attached to it

In the customer's activity log, you should see where they were added to the location, followed by where they were added to the campaign. If they haven’t been added to the campaign, head to Locations > Location Setup > {{location name}} > Campaigns and check your campaign is active against this location.

Finally, check the message report

Reports > Message Reports

Here, you’ll see a list of every message sent and whether or not the recipient opened it, and / or clicked the link.